What is the value of virtual GPUs in government?

Improved security. With government agencies facing a rising need to support a more mobile workforce and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, government IT departments need to ensure data centers are secure. NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions enable IT to provide access to files and data on any device, Including Chromebooks, while keeping the information centrally hosted in the data center. Engineers and analysts can securely collaborate on classified data, and agencies can expand virtualization to more users with secure access to files and 3D applications. Virtual GPU’s gives a high-quality user experience, especially with graphics-intensive applications and streaming video. Additionally, can help power AI and data analytics enabling everything from Smart Cities to identifying flu outbreaks to helping health departments analyze tens of thousands of tweets in order to identify possible food poisonings. This is all accomplished while increasing security, mobility and reducing IT maintenance costs.
Enhance mobility and efficiency. Government employees must be able to access 3D data from any location, at any time, and on a variety of devices. GPU virtual desktops and applications untether government workforces from physical PCs and workstations, providing a native desktop experience on any device. This portability and rapid access to information results in increased efficiency. Users save hours by not needing to download data from remote locations, and co-workers across the globe can collaborate on the same files residing safely in the data center.
Lower maintenance costs. NVIDIA GPU technology enables IT to virtualize desktops, saving time and money over physical desktops through simplified management and reduced maintenance. Modeling and geographic information system (GIS) applications can be delivered cost-effectively to all users. This facilitates more efficient data center maintenance, and enables engineers to work with 3D CAD models in a VDI environment by day, and send them to an HPC solver at night, all utilizing the same server infrastructure.
Government agencies are increasingly turning to virtualization and cloud computing to support millions of mobile workforce employees. Order your GPU from us today.


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