Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Across the enterprise, there’s a growing need for graphics and compute acceleration with fast, secure access from anywhere, on any device.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) enhance the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) experience by offloading tasks from the CPU to provide better performance and user experiences. Without a GPU, some accelerated graphics and compute workloads simply won’t run in a virtualized environment or, at best, will run with a reduced feature set.

With GPU virtualization, multiple engineers and designers can have a high‑quality 3D experience viewing product lifecycle management (PLM) data at the same time on any device, supporting mobility while keeping data and IP protected in the data center. GPU virtualization is also helping manufacturers to cost‑effectively scale general‑purpose VDI with a high‑quality user experience.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Engineers, designers, and architects are using powerful applications that rely on graphics-intensive datasets and need to be accessed by distributed teams from anywhere.

VMware Horizon with NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions give organizations around the globe the flexibility to easily support real-time collaboration with 3D applications at scale. This means you can ensure a graphics experience that’s equivalent to dedicated hardware, delivered with the cost-effectiveness that only true GPU virtualization can offer.