IP Video & Audio (Proactive Security)

Improve Security with Axis Audio Solutions

Axis audio solutions add value to your video-based security system by helping to act on what you see. With pre-recorded or live voice messages, you can respond and intervene to stop unwanted activities. Moving from reactive to proactive security.

While the camera records and keeps evidence to prove a situation happened, audio solutions allow you to intervene with the scene in real-time to prevent unwanted activities. Informing bad actors that they’re being recorded is oftentimes enough to scare them off and can eliminate the need to send security guards to the site.

Proactive Security

Act on what you see and protect your property with voice messages!

There is no greater deterrence to suspicious behavior than a well-timed voice message. It’s easy to set up your system to trigger prerecorded messages in response to potential criminal activity. For instance, “we can see you and you’re trespassing”.